These Quotes About Jealousy Can Help You See Jealousy In A New Light

Last Updated on November 14, 2019

Being jealous is not cool, fun, or anything else positive. It may help guide you towards what you truly want and don’t want, but don’t let it run or ruin your life! If jealousy is in your life in some way, these quotes about jealousy may help you see it in a different way and get rid of it.

1. No One Has A Perfect Life – Despite What You See Out There

This jealousy quote by Mufti Ismail Menk is something to always remember when you see someone who looks like they are doing great.

You will never know what is really going on in someone else’s life. NEVER! Do not take what you see at face value. Do not let the perfectness of it all make you jealous. It’s not that perfect.

I was watching a YouTuber the other day. This YouTuber has a great life as far as we can see. She has a lot going on career-wise, a new baby, and plenty of friends. She always looks happy in her pictures and videos. There is plenty for someone to be jealous of.

And then the other day she admitted that she was suffering from depression and anxiety. Who knows what’s going on in her life when she’s off-camera? Who knows how miserable she is? If you knew, you might not be so jealous of her. In fact, your life might look pretty good in comparison.

If you see something too good to be true, bet that it is. Never be jealous over what you see on social media or anywhere else because you are only being shown what others want you to see, not the whole story.

2. People Go Through Pain And Suffering To Find Success

Stop being jealous of people in their winning season. You don’t know what they lost in their losing season. – Ramone Rochester

Instead of being jealous over people who have succeeded, be inspired. If someone has success, it means they went through a lot of failure, pain, or suffering to get there because that’s the way life works.

You can’t just be successful. You have to put in the work, learn the craft, experience the failures, go through the tough times, and keep going despite whatever happens.

Reward them with respect, not jealousy.

Then use your jealousy to guide you towards what you want and away from what you don’t want. For example, if you are jealous that someone has a great relationship, don’t hate them. Realize that they probably went through a lot of crappy relationships or tough times to come to the place they are at. And, understand that your jealousy is simply telling you that you want a relationship that is great too, then start to work towards getting it. It will be a much better use of your time than jealousy will!

3. Jealousy Isn’t Cool

In the Netflix show, Stranger Things, Jim Hopper is a hot-headed guy who, among other things, gets mad when he is stood up and finds out his date was with another guy trying to understand why her magnets kept falling off the fridge.

Evan Rachel Wood was quick to tweet out that his anger and jealousy were not flattering or sexy.

And she’s right.

We see a lot of people in high positions being jealous consistently, yet they somehow maintain the illusion of respect by others. This sends the wrong message. Jealousy shouldn’t earn respect. In fact, with people who will not tolerate behaviors like jealousy, it doesn’t earn respect. Quite the opposite.

Too often we see people on TV acting out in jealous rages and many people can easily be swayed to think it’s cool or acceptable to act like that.

I always think of Sopranos. There’s was a lot of jealousy in that show and a lot of abuse that stemmed from the jealousy. It was often written in a way that made you feel sorry for, or on the side of, the person being jealous or acting out, and, in reality, that’s called encouraging bad behavior.

The bottom line is that jealousy isn’t cool, funny, or endearing as TV would have you believe. It’s unattractive behavior that stems from insecurity, mental issues, or emotional issues, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

4. Good Things DON’T Come From A Place Of Jealousy

If your next move is out of anger and jealousy don’t expect God to bless your mess. –  Moreno

You cannot attract great things and a great life to you from a place of jealousy. It won’t happen. You may attract some success if you are doing everything else right, but you won’t have a great life. You will only attract more things to be jealous of. That’s a horrible state to be in no matter what you are doing in life.

5. Jealous People Want What You Have

Don’t hate someone who is jealous of you. They clearly think you are amazing and worthy of their jealousy. – Live Like You Give A Shit

If someone is jealous of you, that shouldn’t hurt you. They clearly want what you have, and it makes them upset that you have it and they don’t.

Think about when you are jealous of something or someone. You want what they have. You want to be them or have what they have in some way.

I would say instead of being upset with people who are jealous of you, help them understand that they can have what you have and more. There are no limits to the potential we have and once we all drop the jealousy and start coming from a place of gratitude, we can start to amaze ourselves with our potential.

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